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Grievance Redressal Through Happiness Help Desk

Respect is the key that opens the door to success

A systematic, highly curated Grievance Redressal System called the Happiness Help Desk is in place at ODM Sapphire Global School, and it reports directly to the School Principal and COO of ODM Educational Group. The Happiness Help Desk's job is to investigate complaints and questions formally submitted by students and their families. Also, our grievance redressal cell has the authority to conduct its own investigations independently.

We have our own Grievance Lodge Portal available at the ODM Connect software, an in-house developed product. Anyone with a legitimate complaint can submit a ticket using the app, and our Parent Relations Executives will evaluate the issue and provide appropriate resolutions within 48 working hours.

Objectives of Our Happiness Help Desk Cell

  • Upholding the school’s dignity by ensuring a strife-free atmosphere in the school by promoting a cordial Student-Student, Parent-Teacher, and Student-Teacher Relationship.
  • Encouraging the Parents and Students to express their grievances and queries freely.
  • Receive suggestions anonymously for improving the Academics/Administration in the school.
  • Advising students and parents of the school to respect the dignity and right of one another and show utmost patience and restraint whenever any occasion of rift arises.
  • Advise the staff to be affectionate to the parents and students and not behave inappropriately towards any of them for any reason.
  • Promoting optimal parenting methodologies to create a huge positive impact on the student’s overall performance.
  • Conducting quarterly Parent-Teacher Meetings to discuss the overall holistic performance of the child.
  • Conducting open house sessions where parents can directly interact and get their queries solved with the senior management of the ODM Educational Group.
  • Supervise the booking-based interaction sessions where parents can interact with teachers, coordinators and school principal round the year.

The principal of the ODM Sapphire Global School is ultimately responsible for redressing the grievances. The school expects that the grievance resolution will be time-bound and result-oriented. Every complaint must be resolved within a fair timeframe. The Happiness Help Desk will monitor the state and progress of grievance redressal and provide the CEO of the ODM Educational Group with a report on the status of grievance redressal.

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