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360 Degree Growth

We Teach Your Kids So You Don’t Have To - Receive 360 Degree Learning at OSGS

Academic success alone cannot make your kid a champion or a leader in this increasingly competitive environment, and a rising number of educators and parents are realising this. Therefore, one of the most important components in K-12 education now is a focus on 360-degree learning.

Our goal is to help your kid develop a lifelong curiosity for knowledge, engage in their education, learn effective communication, and embrace challenges as opportunities for personal development. Here at ODM Sapphire Global School, your children will grow into well-rounded, confident adults who know what they want and how to obtain them. They thrive when given resources and a network of collaborators that mirror the dynamic present, where they can learn what's new, how it works, and why it matters.

It is our goal at ODM Sapphire Global School, the top CBSE School in Ranchi, Jharkhand, to provide your child with this cutting-edge, all-encompassing educational environment. Our core concept of 360-degree learning encompasses all facets of a student's educational experience, from the classroom setting to the modern curriculum, extracurricular activities, learning modules and everything else that impact well-rounded education.

We teach, you learn, the world benefits.


The future of education is today at OSGS!

Considering the fact that the future will always stay unpredictable, it is prudent to always be ready for everything. The students at ODM Sapphire Global School are taught to think critically and creatively, to be flexible in their approach to problems, and to develop the determination to see a scenario through to its completion.

With the help of dedicated and passionate teachers, our students are immersed in rigorous yet fun and proven global education learning practices that have been developed specifically for them.

Charge up for a victory with ODM.


Here Students Enter to Learn, Leave to Achieve

At ODM Sapphire Global School, we believe in the power of co-academics so that students can develop skills beyond the knowledge of subjects. Our highly curated co-curricular activities are designed to bring intellectual skills, personality progress, moral values, social skills, and character appeal to students.

Our co-academic highlights include world-class athletics, flagship cultural events, school club participation, Learn-Educate-Accept-Progress (L.E.A.P) Series, Continuous Educational Trips and Seminars, access to TEDx events, Monthly Activities & Competitions, and more.

Knowledge – Learn to Love it at OSGS

Life Skills

Hand in Hand We Learn

Young students who develop a sense of self and purpose via the acquisition of life skills are better prepared to take on the world. A student's awareness of self, others, and the world around them can be cultivated through our carefully designed life skill programmes.

As part of a balanced and successful schooling experience, our life skills programmes help students develop the tools they'll need to recognise and successfully manage real-world obligations. With OSGS's life skills programmes, students develop empathy and learn to differentiate between listening and acting.

At ODM Sapphire Global School, we build futures.

Personal Skills

Formula for success is learning the way of life

We at ODM Sapphire Global School acknowledge that each student has immense potential waiting to be realised. Still, they need individualised attention to develop their talents and abilities to their fullest potential. Therefore, we encourage children to think critically and creatively by providing them with various opportunities to develop their personal skills.

OSGS students will learn to assess their actions' results while developing the confidence necessary to work together effectively and efficiently in cooperation.

A great place to learn and lead.

Career Counselling

Knowledge That Expands Your Horizons

The sky is the limit for our students. Our students have the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of careers, from Enigmatic Scientists to Successful Entrepreneurs to Brainiac Engineers to brilliant Chartered Accountants to Genius Doctors to Gifted Artists, and we have experts available to advise them from a young age.

ODM Sapphire Global School’s in-house Career Planning Cell offers Psychometric Tests & one-to-one career counselling, Cluster Career Counselling, Career Bootcamp, exclusive Career-related session by Industry Experts, Interaction with Top Universities in India, Interaction with Universities Abroad, and opportunities that can be only found at a truly global school.

Reaching for the stars, start at ODM.

Global Exposure

A High Achieving Multicultural Community for Learning

Being true to our name of the global school, OSGS offers global learning opportunities to every student. ODM Sapphire Global School is the first school in the country to boast a diverse panel of global educators specialised in various categories, ranging from Personality Development, AI, Personal Branding to English Communication, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and more.

ODM Sapphire Global School has also exclusively partnered with Cambridge English Assessment Centre and other international universities. Our global school also offers coaching from reputed academic institutes for SAT, TOEFL and IELTS.