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ODM Sapphire Global School

A first-of-its-kind CBSE school in Jharkhand with specialised programs designed to bring 360-degree growth to every child on its campus.

ODM Sapphire Global School brings in the best of the country’s talent to teach its students under one roof. We are the first educational institution in Ranchi, Jharkhand, to have six international collaborations combined with a result-proven curriculum and global educators to nurture and deliver the best education to students.

Our school is built on the foundational value of our parent organisation, ODM Educational Group and designed on a system to bring holistic GROWTH for all.

cpx learning
Character, Potential, and Excellence.

360° CPX Learning

Where Character and Potential Unleash Brilliance

Step into a realm of unparalleled learning at ODM Sapphire Global School, embracing the CPX 360-Degree Learning ethos - Character, Potential, and Excellence. Our unique CPX-driven approach infuses every aspect of education, enabling students to not only absorb knowledge but also develop their character and realize their true potential.

The journey at Sapphire is guided by a dedicated focus on integrity, resilience, and collaboration. With CPX at the core, we shape resilient individuals, ready to conquer challenges and thrive in a dynamic world


An Exemplary Holistic School for Global Academic Experience

Students at ODM Sapphire Global School are given the freedom to explore new opportunities and encouraged to pursue their aspirations and take on leadership roles, all within a highly supportive and encouraging environment.

A young pupil with boundless potential is the recipient of an intensive educational programme. They can accomplish anything with the right support and encouragement. Our students pursue academic excellence by digging deeper into subjects that interest them, nurturing their natural inquisitiveness, and developing their analytical and creative thinking skills every day. Our top school in Ranchi divisions strategically addresses student needs at every level.

A revolutionary way to educate & achieve
co academic
A school for the life, world & excellence


Promoting Growth, Exploration & Creativity for Students

ODM Sapphire Global School is dedicated to its extracurricular offerings and the promotion of aesthetic literacy among its student body as it strives to maintain its reputation and position as the best CBSE School in Ranchi. At ODM Sapphire Global School, the arts are not treated as electives but rather as essential components of the well-rounded education that we serve our students.

Our expanding array of co-curricular programs is a direct response to student interest. We have built state-of-the-art performance centres and facilities on campus with brand-new instruments to assist the development and aspirations of our 1,000+ students.

Life Skills

Reaching for the Stars through Knowledge and Discipline

Students at ODM Sapphire Global School receive an education that is both future and life-focused. Our one-of-a-kind, exclusive life skill curriculum is designed to help students become autonomous adults who can make informed decisions, think critically, and solve problems creatively.

Special life skill workshops have been implemented at our best CBSE residential and boarding school in Ranchi, Jharkhand, in order to help pupils develop important traits like resilience, empathy, and the ability to make effective decisions and resolve conflicts amicably and efficiently.

life skill
We share experiences with education
personal skill
Here child learns discipline from education

Personal Skills

Igniting Young Minds and Spirits to Foster Innovation

The ability to recognise one's virtues is a skill that will serve students well throughout their lives. Our expertly-curated personal skill programs aim to encourage students to identify their strengths and hone them from an early age.

The personal skill programmes offered at ODM Sapphire Global School give students a solid grounding in the basics of education and prepare them for future academic success by fostering the growth of analytical, evaluative, and innovative thought processes. Our personal skill programmes are one of a kind in every respect, including the fact that they include such unique elements as coding classes, compulsory vocational courses, mental arithmetic and robotics.

Career Planning

A High-Achieving Multicultural Community for Learning

With the help of our highly experienced faculty and staff, ODM Sapphire Global School strives to become the first learning innovative CBSE school in Ranchi, Jharkhand, bridging the gap between the conventional school experience and career planning.

Our top CBSE School in Ranchi has a robust career counselling cell to educate kids on the importance of early career planning so that they can make informed decisions and explore opportunities from the beginning.

Career Planning
Our education gives you a power of speech
International Collaborations
Academic excellence and cultural diversity

International Collaboration

Serving Knowledge That Expands Your Horizons

Students at ODM Sapphire Global School have access to an elite panel of global educators who are dedicated to helping them seize international opportunities and improve their prospects for a better, brighter future. Our global educators are specialised in various categories of fields ranging from Personality Development, AI, English Communication, Data Analytics, Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship & etc.

Trusted as one of the best CBSE schools in Ranch, our partnerships with respected institutions abroad makes it possible for our students to pursue their educational goals in a global context.

Robotics & AI

Get the Best of Science, Coding & Engineering for Your Child

The students at ODM Sapphire Global School are taught the basics of robotics and coding by professionals in the field with relevant certifications and proven experience. This specialised curriculum will greatly bolster students' critical thinking and creative capacities.

Students at OSGS participate in a fun yet highly competitive and informative educational environment where they study machine build and machine language to create the future we all want.

Robotics & AI
Get an excellent foundation for future success

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