Frequently Asked Questions

.What is ODM Sapphire Global School?

ODM Sapphire Global School is built on the conceptualisation of providing a global curriculum & education to the students. The entire education program is designed to ensure 360-degree growth in each and every child on the campus.

.Is ODM Sapphire Global School an unit of ODM Educational Group?

.What is the vision & mission of ODM Sapphire Global School?

.Who is the owner of the school?

.Which board is ODM Sapphire Global School affiliated to?

.Which all classes are present at ODM Sapphire Global School?

.How is ODM Sapphire Global School different from other schools?

.Does ODM Sapphire Global School have Residential Facility?

.What are the USPs of ODM Sapphire Global School which are not present in any other school?

.What is the age eligibility for Class-I?

The child should be five years old by 31st March 2024.

.What is the selection process?

.What will be the procedure post selection in the baseline test/OSAT?

.When will be the baseline test or OSAT conducted?

.What is the cut-off in the baseline test/OSAT?

.What is the fee structure of the school?

The fee structure for the ODM Sapphire Global School can be checked here: Fee Structure

.What are the components in your fees?

.What is not included in the fees structure?

.Do you have any other hidden fees?

.What are your admission fees? Is it charged every year?

.What will be the transportation fees?

.Which all classes are there at ODM Sapphire Global School?

ODM Global School provides classes from Pre-Primary to Grade XII.

.Which streams are available in Class XI?

.Which all subjects do you teach to primary students?

.Which subjects will be taught to secondary students?

.What are the subjects in Class XI Science?

.What are the subjects in Class XI Commerce?

.What are the subjects in Class XI Humanities?

.Will you teach foreign languages?

.What other courses will you teach?

.Do you have an integrated coaching option in Class XI Science?

.Are you partnering with any Coaching Institute for Class XI Science?

.What are your facilities in the integrated program?

.Will the hostel be available in the Class XI Science integrated program?

.Are you providing any coaching to Class XI Commerce & Humanities?

.Are you providing any coaching for SAT?

.Who will provide SAT Coaching?

.What is your teacher selection process?

.What is the average experience of your teachers?

.Do you have the provision of Doubt Clearing Classes?

.Do you have any e-learning application for students?

.What is an LMS?

.What are the facilities available with the LMS?

.Do you have any mentorship model for students? How does it work?

.What are worksheets? How are they provided in the LMS?

.What is SHPI?

.What is the teacher-student ratio in the class?

.Do you have smart classrooms? What are all the features of your smart classrooms?

.How will your teaching quality be maintained?

.What will be your frequency of Parent-Teacher Meetings?

.What study materials would you provide to a child?

.Do your school offer computer classes as a compulsory subject for classes I-VIII?

.Which publisher books do we refer to in classes I-VIII ?

.What are the major features of your Co-Academic Curriculum?

Apart from training for our students from our celebrity brands like Rohit Sharma’s Cricket Academy, Shankar Mahadevan’s Music Academy, Shiamak Dawar’s Dance Academy, NBA Basketball, Mahesh Bhupathi’s Tennis and La Liga’s Football academy, the co-Academic curriculum comprises-

1. School club participation -The students of all classes, depending on their age category, would be provided access to one of the following clubs to enhance their learning in that domain. Some of our eminent clubs are - STEM / Technology / Media / Dramatics / Ecology / Entrepreneurship / Art & Sculpture / Photography.

2. Forum for National & International Competitions - The school will boast of an exclusive forum where any child can log in and access all Local, National and International Level competitions. The school’s competition I/C will be looking at ensuring each child’s participation in a National/International Level competition.

3. Compulsory Participation in ODM Flagship Events - Students will be given the opportunity and graded on their performance in some of the ODM Group’s notable Flagship Events- ODM MUN, SciCon, Lit-O-Fest, Melange, etc.

4. LEAP Series - Learn-Educate-Accept-Progress (L.E.A.P) Series is an exclusive forum of ODM where ODM continuously invites guest speakers from different domains such as politics, the army, Bollywood, sports, and entrepreneurship to address the children, share their experience of these domains.

5. Continuous Educational Trips and Seminars - The academic calendar is supported by related educational trips and seminars. The kids are taken for at least two educational field trips and are exposed to 4-6 seminars/workshops.

6. Access to TEDx Events - ODM proudly boasts of a TEDx license and is the only school in the state to have the platform. With TEDx, ODM gets a unique opportunity to expose its students to some very exciting and inspiring personalities.

7. Monthly Activities & Competitions - Every month, on a weekly basis, every child will get access to two unique creative activities and get a chance to participate in 2 competitions. Each child is required to participate in 10-12 activities in a calendar year. Also, our competitions are where a child can test his bench strength.

.What are the celebrity brands & how will students learn from them?

.Can students learn from all the celebrity brand academies?

.What will be the curriculum of each of these celebrity brands?

.Are your co-academic programs evaluated?

.What are all Co-Academic Programs available for Class XI students?

.What is included in Personal Skills? What are the benefits of learning Personal Skills?

Personal skills provide an extra edge to the individual in the competitive environment and play a vital role in defining the individual’s personality. It benefits a child in the following ways:

1. The more personal skills a child hones, the more likely they will succeed in life.

2. Personal skills provide a great foundation and exposure to learning in future.

3. Personal skills help the children develop their cognitive, critical and creative thinking.

Courses included in Personal skills are:-

1. Mental Arithmetic - By Neelakantha Bhanu’s Academy: With its exclusive and special association with Neelakantha Bhanu (World’s Fastest Human Calculator), the school will provide 25 sessions for each class student on how to calculate and solve problems quickly. These sessions will help children in Competitive Exams and enhance their Critical thinking skills.

2. Robotics, AI & Coding in Curriculum - By SakRobotix: To foster innovation with applied science, from Grade I to Grade XII, we are introducing a compulsory robotics course for all students. Each year a child, from Grade IV onwards, would make 2-3 working robots. Right from the kit to the instructor, everything would be provided in school.

3. Compulsory- 1 Vocational Course a Year (Higher classes): For higher class students, we would be facilitating the provision of a Vocational Course in any skill, such as Photography, Data Processing, Self-Defence, Cooking, Agriculture, etc., to ensure that children in this age, learn some skill which they can use in future.

.Will Neelakantha Bhanu teach mental arithmetic himself?

.What will be covered in Robotics?

.Are robotics classes compulsory?

.What will be the curriculum of the Robotics and Mental Arithmetic classes?

.What is a vocational course?

.When will the vocational course classes/training be conducted?

.What is a life skill class?

Life skills are a group of psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that help people make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathise with others, and cope with and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner.

.What are the benefits of life skill classes for children?

.Who will teach the Life-Skill courses? What kind of study materials will be used?

.What is the role of a Counselling Psychologist or Student Counselor?

.What will be conducted in Leadership Camps?

.What are the features of Career Cell?

Here are the features of our Career planning cell:

1. Psychometric Test & one-to-one career counselling.

2. Cluster Career Counseling

3. Career Bootcamp

4. Exclusive Career-related sessions by Industry Experts

5. Interaction with Top Universities in India

6. Interaction with Universities Abroad

7. MINI Career Counselling

8. Career Quiz

9. CareerX helpline

.How will CareerX help my child?

.Who will conduct the psychometric tests?

.Who are the career counsellors with you?

.Are these Career Counselors certified, and from where?

.Do you help students with admission into foreign universities, and how?

.What are the highlights of the Global Experience Domain in the curriculum?

Highlights of our Global Experience domain in the curriculum are as follows:

1. Global Educators: ODM Sapphire Global School will be the first school in the country to boast of such a diverse panel of global educators. Our educators are specialised in various categories of fields ranging from Personality Development, AI, English Communication, Data Analytics, Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship & etc. Thus, each child during the curriculum will be exposed to at least one global educator.

2. International School Exchange Program: ODM Sapphire Global School boasts of a tie-up with True Education Partnership, which facilitates global education programs through international exchange. Currently, our students will be able to participate in an exchange program with schools in the UK, Germany, Japan and Asian Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Etc. These exchange programs can be virtual in nature, and if opportunities permit, there can also be physical programs.

3. Cambridge English Assessment: ODM is the exclusive partner of Cambridge English Assessment Centre in Jharkhand and is the first school to have so. We facilitate Cambridge English Exam training to the students right from Class I to ensure that the students are proficient in English in 4 domains - Speaking, Listening, Writing & Reading. Cambridge English Program has different stages of certification till Class XII.

4. University Partnerships: ODM boasts of some international university tie-ups and facilitates a career opportunities counselling program from various universities around the globe. This opportunity gives students an in-depth understanding of what opportunities are in store for them in multiple countries.

5. Coaching for SAT/IELTS/TOEFL: To facilitate students' dream of an International degree, ODM provides coaching from reputed academic instructors in Ranchi for SAT, TOEFL and IELTS.

6. International Admission Support: ODM has an exclusive tie-up with academic consultants from Delhi and Mumbai, who help students get admitted into colleges of their choice (provided they qualify for the same). During the admission process, these consultants help students write their essays and letters of recommendation and help them fill out the application so that their chances of getting selected are higher. They also provide students with an understanding of Scholarship Opportunities in various universities and help them apply for the same. Please note the charges for admission support has to be borne by the students.

7. International Tours & Competitions: ODM Sapphire Global School will facilitate 2-3 annual global tours a year for selected students. These tours can be either study tours, experience trips or exchange partnership programs. Students voluntarily decide whether they want to avail of this option or not.

.Who are the global educators?

.What is the role & importance of these Global Educators?

.Who are the global educators associated with ODM Sapphire Global School?

.How many global educators' classes will my child get?

.Will these global educators take live classes at school?

.What kind of international trips will be provided? Who will bear the cost?

.What is Cambridge English Assessment?

.What are the features of the Cambridge English Assessment?

.Who teaches the Cambridge English course? What will be the cost?

.Do students have to purchase books additionally for the Cambridge English courses?

.What are the facilities you have on your campus?

Our campus has all the modern facilities like-

1. Centrally air-conditioned using environment-friendly VRF technology.

2. State-of-the-art Infrastructure in every facility.

3. Campus is completely protected using 24x7 cloud-backed up security (Day- Night Vision, Dome & Long range), And the complete security is monitored through the security room with our security supervisors.

4. The complete building is Disaster-management proof, fire certified and especially strong earthquake-resistant.

.What are the facilities you have in your classrooms?

.What facilities do you have in your hostels?

.What type of fooding facilities do you have?

.What are the sports facilities you have?

.What facilities do you have for Co-Curricular Activities?

.What are the laboratories you have?

.Do you have transportation facilities? What are the highlights of it?

.Do you have separate Boys & Girls Hostels?

Yes, we have separate boys & girls' hostels.

.What is the capacity of your Boys & Girls Hostel?

.What is the occupancy number for every hostel room? How are the rooms allotted?

.What facilities do you have in your hostels?

.What amenities and provisions are provided inside a room?

.Do you have wardens? What will be the warden-student ratio?

.Who will be in charge of the hostels?

.How is the security of my child ensured?

.When can parents talk to their child in the hostel?

.When can parents meet their children in the hostel?

.What are the rules & regulations in the hostel?

.What steps will be taken to discipline children in the hostel?

.Will there be any bullying or ragging? What steps are being taken?

.Do you have any medical facilities?

.What if my child suffers from a basic health issue?

.How is the food facility at the Canteen?

.How is the quality of the food & canteen ensured?

.How can my child purchase any daily need items?

.Would children have access to money?

.What about Laundry Facility at Hostel?

.What is taught in evening guided classes? Do we have separate teachers for separate classes respectively?

.What is the student-to-teacher ratio during evening guided classes?

.Is school transport available near my home?

Parents are requested to check with the Admission & Transport team of the school before admission to check the nearest stoppage available for pick up and drop. Please note that the school has a pre-defined list of stoppages where it provides transport. Door-to-Door pick up and drop is not provided

.Is Door-to-Door pick-up provided?

.How to know if the transportation facility will be confirmed or not?

.WHow is the fee charged for Student Transportation?

.How is the distance calculated?

.Can the parents track the live movement of the Buses?

.Who should parents call if they have a problem with School Buses/Transport?

.Where will we get School Books, Notebooks & Uniforms?

The school books, notebooks & school uniform is available in the School Utility Store. A pre-fixed amount has to be given to the ODM Team to facilitate all these services. This is applicable for both new & old admissions.

.What will be the charges for Books, Notebooks, Bags & Uniforms?

.Can we purchase ODM School Uniforms or Books & notebooks from any other shop?

.What if the parent/student wants to exchange a few items in Uniform because of Size or Quality?

.Do we also get a School Tablet?

.Does the school tablet have restricted access?

.Can the school tablet be used for other usages?

.Will I have to return the school tablet while leaving school?

.What if my tablet gets damaged or needs repair?

.What are the timings of the School Utility Store?