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Partially Structured Curriculum - One Level Quality Check - Toppers performance-centric approach ACADEMICS Daily Curriculum - Centrally Structured - Three Level Quality Check Process - Focus on each student
15-20+ activities CO-ACADEMICS 35+ activities
Partial digitalisation with third-party software TECHNOLOGY 360-degree digital with ODM Connect
Traditional classrooms with blackboards & smart class boards CLASSROOM INFRA Modern: Interactive Touch LEDs, Ambient Speakers & Facial Recognition Terminals
Locally designed traditional fields and courts SPORTS INFRA Jharkhand’s 1st biggest Turf Soccer Field & Turf Cricket Pitches & Internationally designed tennis & basketball court
2-3 members team with partial access and additional charges STUDENT COUNSELING Dedicated 6+ team of in-house students & Career counsellors. Unlimited access inclusive in fees
Traditional CCTV based surveillance STUDENT SECURITY Modern Technology with FRTs, Access Locks, Scanners etc
50-80 sq.ft : 1 Student ratio CAMPUS:STUDENT 160 sq.ft : 1 Student ratio
VOCATIONAL COURSES 30-days program compulsory for each child, inclusive in fees
CAREER PLANNING CELL Dedicated in-house career cell
CURRICULUM 360-degree focused curriculum powered by Student Holistic Performance Index (SHPI)
GLOBAL EDUCATORS 12+ Global Educators
COLLABORATIONS Seven celebrity educational brands with exclusivity
SERVICE DESK Dedicated Happiness Helpdesk Team
Equivalent or Higher FEES Equivalent or Lesser