Our Academic Curriculum

Preparing Ranchi’s Youth for a Lifetime of Leadership and Service.

ODM Sapphire Global School's exceptional academic diversity is part of its aim to create the ideal learning community by helping students grow not only with their knowledge but in their curiosity, confidence, and belief.

Our academic programs commit to delivering co-teaching and team teaching, excellent academic support, and project-based learning, which ultimately ensures success for every OSGS student. Combined with a dynamic core curriculum, our school upholds its mission to inspire world-class academic excellence for every student.

Our expert faculty members empower students with a solid academic foundation blended with critical thinking skills that they'll need to succeed in the real world after completion of high school. We also incorporated interdisciplinary and project-based learning into our proven academic curriculum which is specially designed to help students develop a love of learning and to stay committed to excellence.

In order to help nurturing supportive relationships, between students and teachers, we maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio at ODM Sapphire Global School. Students are systematically introduced to new concepts, encouraged to expand their horizons, and given the tools they need to seize exciting opportunities as they emerge throughout our rigorous academic programme.

Education – Your Door to The Future

Pre-Primary Education

Our preschool program combines specially curated play-based philosophy with an enriching schedule that includes outdoor activities, art, music, literacy, empathy and problem solving, socialization, number foundation, and more for early childhood education.

Primary Education

In our experience, the early years of a child's education are filled with boundless opportunities for discovery and astounding development. We encourage and enable kids to go out and learn about their surroundings, capitalising on their natural inclination to do so.

Empowering Students to Become Scholars
Education – Your Door to The Future

Secondary Education

Our secondary school curriculum, which places equal emphasis on academic and extracurricular achievement, prepares students for the challenges of adulthood by providing them with the supportive community of a committed faculty and the stimulating environment of a cutting-edge curriculum.

Senior Secondary Education

Blended with a comprehensive curriculum and experimental learning, our senior secondary education equips future world leaders with the knowledge and confidence they'll need to take on new challenges.

sr secondary
Learning Today at OSGS, Leading Tomorrow.

Highlights Of Our

OSGS Academic Program

  • Complete Academic Plan is based on ODM's Unique and Scientifically engineered SHPI - Student's Holistic Performance Index.
  • The best teacher-student ratio in the class – 1:40.
  • Each lesson will be taught at OSGS is quality controlled using our teacher's lesson plan and course module, which is designed centrally.
  • Each lesson will compulsorily have a course module intended along with an interactive classroom presentation.
  • Our academic chapters and lessons will be using gamification or interactive teaching aid or element.
  • Students will be provided with worksheets and study notes intended for each chapter and subject.
  • All the academic materials and content will be accessed through ODM Connect's Learning Management System.
  • Students and Parents will be provided with a Daily Curriculum Plan (DCP)before every month/quarter (depending on feasibility). This DCP will provide complete transparency on what is being taught in which class. This DCP will also be accessible on ODM Connect
  • All the students will have mandatory access to a Doubt Clearing Portal - This Portal will help students log in their doubts and reach out to teachers on an individual level. If any child has any doubt then it must be asked through this portal.
  • Special Doubt Clearing Offline and Online Sessions for students round the year.
  • Special Focus centric approach for Toppers as well as underachievers.
  • Preparation for all National and International level Olympiads.
  • Access to Individualized Growth Portal for students where each child can access and understand his/her weak areas in a chapter or subject.
  • Access to modernized Labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and IT.
  • Access to reference study materials and good e-content through ODM's Learning Management System.
  • A personalized teacher-mentor for each child who is responsible for the growth of the student. Parents would have a monthly interaction session with the mentor and can understand the progress of the child.
  • Quarterly Parents - Teachers Meeting to deeply analyze child's performance across all the subjects.
  • Provision of Guided classes for all students during school hours.
  • Cambridge English Assessment Training for students directly under Cambridge. ODM is a Cambridge School.

Our Academic Life-Cycle

life Cycle