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Residential Facility

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The ODM Sapphire Global School Residential Wing is a vibrant and active place. Our school is home to a diverse culture, and many international students attend our institution. Our students benefit from the tight-knit community of friends and mentor-facilitators made possible by the residence's diversity, in addition to the extraordinary residential facilities.

Our student dorms are up to date with the latest in international pedagogy. Every aspect of our residential programme is geared toward fostering a sense of community and providing each student with the same level of comfort and support that they would receive in their own family setting. Those who choose to live on campus are treated as our extended family members here.

The boarding students at ODM Sapphire Global School benefit greatly from the routine and structure that boarding life provides, thus helping us concrete our spot as the No.1 CBSE residential school in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Nightly study halls, activities, and lights out are implemented to ensure a setting where students can cultivate the self-discipline and good habits that will serve them well in the long run. Students benefit most from their time at our top boarding school because of the bonds of friendship they forge with their fellow boarders. They will always hold dear the memories of their youth spent together.

Modern Hostel Rooms

The dorms at ODM Sapphire Global School are among the best in the industry. The dorms are clean and comfortable, and each student has his/her own private desk and locker. There are separate dorms for the boys and girls so that they can feel at ease and enjoy their own space. In order to ensure the students' health and safety, the hostel rules are strictly enforced. On top of that, the professionals in charge of the OSGS dorms and buildings also live on the premises with the students, so that they can provide instant support whenever needed. All the rooms are air-conditioned accommodating 3 - 5 students with all amenities and attached washrooms. Each hostel is divided into 'Wings' also known as ‘Dorms’, monitored by the Wing Parent. Besides the Wing Parents, the Hostel Warden and the Supervisor are responsible for maintaining the sanitation and hygiene. Each wing has a spacious common area where students can socialize, relax, enjoy and watch television with fellow pupils, or play indoor games like table-tennis, carrom or board games.

Modern Hostel Rooms
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Canteen & Fooding Facility
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Canteen & Food Facility

A nutrient- and filling-rich diet can help a child's brain grow and flourish. ODM Sapphire Global School, the best residential school in Jharkhand, provides its students with access to modern, spacious dining areas and fully-functional kitchens. All the food is prepared in a clean and regulated environment. Because of the care with which it is prepared, every serving is both healthy and filling. The menu features items from the Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Mexican culinary traditions in an effort to provide variety and promote health. OSGS also provides a daily food item tab-based feedback system so that the team can expand upon the feedback they receive each day. A small group of management's core team members keeps a close eye on all the comments received.

Extra-Curricular Facilities

Apart from the rigorous academic curriculum, we always ensure something exciting must continue at ODM Sapphire Global School, which will help students grow positively. Our students participate in many exciting and collaborative activities, outings, and events outside of the typical classroom setting. Residential students will also have access to various indoor and outdoor activities, including football, cricket, basketball, tennis, archery, shooting, swimming, and other student-preferred extracurricular activities to challenge their talent and ability growth.

Extra Curricular Facilitie
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Smart Academic Facilities
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Smart Academic Facilities

Before enrolling your child in a boarding or residential school, you must ensure that the institution has state-of-the-art facilities. This, in turn, will influence your child's awareness of global technological trends. At ODM Sapphire Global School, our students have access to cutting-edge digital classrooms fitted with interactive whiteboards, presenters, speakers, and laptops to facilitate a dynamic learning environment seamlessly. In addition, the evening study sessions led by our experienced residential teachers, who make every effort to give each child individualised attention and help with challenging subject areas, are also one of the most enriching aspects of student life in our top residential school in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Medical and Security Facilities

By taking a preventative and comprehensive stance toward health, we hope to foster a positive and healthy environment at ODM Sapphire Global School. At OSGS, we practise a preventative healthcare programme by giving regular check-ups to both students and teachers. To ensure that our students' dietary requirements are met properly, we check the food menus regularly. Added to the hi-tech infirmary, the ODM Sapphire Global School has certified medical officers, nurses, and ambulances on hand to treat students and staff in the event of an emergency, and it also has connections to the best doctors and hospitals in Ranchi for further medical attention if required.

The school also has round-the-clock power backup. A multilevel security system comprising CCTV cameras is installed for electronic monitoring. A Security Agency with well-trained guards ensures campus safety at all times. Mock evacuation drills are conducted regularly to teach the students to handle emergencies like fire and earthquake.

Medical Facilities
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Other Highlights of ODM Sapphire Global School Residential Facility

  • At OSGS, we have appointed 1 Floor Warden and 1 Boarding Manager for each child. We always maintain a student to Floor Warden Ratio of 1:20
  • 24x7 availability of in-house Pharmacy and ambulance system for emergencies.
  • Hot water access to every hostel room through solar heaters.
  • Dedicated Toilet and Washroom inside every room.
  • In-House support team of Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber and Welder for immediate round-the-clock support.
  • Provision of Reading Rooms for all residential students to ensure a silent environment for their studies.
  • Tab provisions in every block to log in Feedback, Issues or Grievances directly to the management's core team so that the issue can be immediately addressed.
  • Access to Cafeteria, Utility Shop inside the campus to purchase daily-use commodities.
  • Access to ATM Counter inside the premises of the school.
  • Experienced Head-Chefs and Sous-Chefs from 3-star hotels to supervise our fooding facilities.