Happy Feet Pre-Primary School

An Early School Learning Initiative by ODM Sapphire Global School

With a mission to develop joyful, resilient and extraordinary learners, ODM Sapphire Global School has introduced Happy Feet, a highly-dedicated centre focused on the early education of toddlers. Nestled at Ashok Nagar - the heart of Ranchi city, Happy Feet is home to young and budding future talents who are being nurtured with a developmentally-appropriate elementary study program that includes language study, arts, indoor and outdoor experiences, lots of love, care, and more. A regular day at Happy Feet, the best pre-primary school in Ranchi, is filled with vibrant activities, fun and frolic. Nevertheless, all activities are directed towards the wholesome growth of the child. We take great care to inculcate social and emotional skills in children, hone their motor skills, and cultivate good habits in them. At Happy Feet, we also conduct special activities from time to time to explore our children's hidden talents.

Daily Curriculum Plan

At the beginning of each academic year, a Daily Curriculum Plan is published for all subjects across classes. This helps bring about uniformity in the quality of sessions conducted by different teachers. These Plans are also shared with parents to keep them apprised of the academic proceedings.

Role of Class Mentors & POC

Class teachers are responsible for monitoring the progress of individual students. They engage in verbal communication with the parents fortnightly to keep track of the growth and development of the child beyond academics and maintain a record of the same. They are required to undertake hygiene activities such as marking daily attendance and ensuring students are well-groomed and in proper uniform. Class teachers also maintain a record of parents’ active contact numbers in case of any emergencies. They act as a bridge between parents and children by communicating the progress and needs of the child to the parents. If a student is absent for more than two days, the class teachers must reach out to the parents via email.

Home Assignments, Question Booklets

Home Assignments form a regular part of the curriculum wherein students are required to do a written assignment or read a chapter as part of the prerequisite of the following class. This helps inculcate self-discipline among students.

LMS & Supportive Materials

The Learning Management System on ODMConnect allows teachers to upload presentations that are used for classroom proceedings which can be accessed by students. The students can upload their worksheets on the portal, which are then graded by teachers online.

Classroom – Activity-Based Learning

Across subjects, to the extent possible, teachers undertake an activity-based approach to enhance student learning. Research suggests that experiential learning increases the retention power of students. Students are informed beforehand in case they are required to carry any materials for the same. The concerned teacher explains the task followed by the activity, which is then performed either by the students in groups or individually or by the teacher to demonstrate to the class, depending upon the scope and suitability of the task. Followed by the demonstration, the teacher gives a debrief to students and helps them understand the concept behind the same.

Doubt Clearing

ODMConnect allows students to raise their queries which are then addressed by teachers virtually or face-to-face. In the case of virtual solutions, teachers may share voice notes, images or written responses to resolve the queries. During examination preparation leave, special doubt-clearing sessions are arranged online for all subjects to address the last-minute queries of students. This session is conducted in small groups to ensure individual attention.

Special Academic Initiatives

At ODM Sapphire Global School, we recognize that not every student is the same and has the same potential. Keeping the ir individuality and varied learning needs in mind; we conduct separate sessions for high achievers as well as remedial sessions for students who require some extra support. While the former aims to prepare students for Olympiads and other competitive exams, the latter focuses on strengthening the foundation of the students in order to aid their current and future academic learning.

Ensuring Quality in Academics

At ODM Sapphire Global School, we have a guidebook called “Teacher’s Notes,” wherein for every class, every subject and every session, there is a pre-documented note on what the flow of each session should be, what are the topics to be covered and what are the learning outcomes. This helps ensure uniformity and quality of teaching across various instructors.


Subjects for Nursery, K.G 1 & K.G-2 Classroom Basics
Language and literacy skills

This starts with the earliest stages of literacy – Learning to link sounds and letters range of reading materials, including books, poems and other materials.

Literacy activities can include language and literature in any written format. This includes word and sound matching, matching words to images or playing with poetry games which help children naturally learn language skills and grammar rules.

Instructions for learning focus on five areas:
  • To involve language in all its dimensions.
  • To act, to express oneself, to understand through physical activities
  • To act, to express oneself, to understand through artistic activities
  • To build the first tools to structure one’s thinking
To explore the surrounding environment
Early Numeracy Skills This can include matching the written number (e.g. “2”) to a picture with the quantity of any item. Alternatively, there are games which help your child learn how to order numbers and build a sequence. With most of these activities, the focus will be placed on bringing conceptual mathematics into your child’s physical world. Finding a way to make it fun as well as informative.
Environmental Awareness The earliest stages in this area are learning about cause and effect through all five senses by asking questions like,” What will happen if I push this button?” or “What does a lemon taste like?”. Children learn more about how different families and backgrounds create different people as they grow and develop. At the highest levels, children develop an understanding of how one action affects the wider world around them through sequences such as traffic lights and engagement with technology.
Socio & Emotional Development Initiates and maintains independency and involves expressing emotions, training to become independent and developing a positive self-image.
Intellectual Development Initiates and training for the growth of a child’s ability to think and reason.
Physical & Motor Development Training for Increases proficiency in gross motor skills.
Monthly Community Connections: Our curriculum facilitates regular interactions with the community on special days and assemblies.

Evaluation & Assessment

A system of a continuous, holistic evaluation of the child is followed in the Pre-Primary wing. There is no formal examination; however, the child is evaluated on the basis of regular observations and class assessments. Regular observations are made on a Monthly and Two Term basis. The focus is on personalized learning experiences and holistic development. In-depth Portfolios of each child’s work, activities and checklists of developmental milestones are maintained and shared regularly with parents.

1 Weekly Assessments (Continuous Assessment Every Week)
2 Mid-term Assessment
3 Annual Assessment
4 Grade is provided during compulsory promotion based on the overall assessment for the year.